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  • BP To Pay Out 7.8 Billion
    in Settlements.
    Class action lawsuit forms need to be in by Oct 1

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  • 2.9 Million
    People are injured
    in Car Accidents Every Year

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  • 2011 U.S. catastrophes
    total over $53 Billion in damages
    How were you effected?

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  • Over a million patients are
    injured in U.S. hospitals
    each year

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  • FEMA Trailer Manufacturers Reach
    43 Million Class Action Settlement Did you suffer as a result of formaldehyde exposure?

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BP to Pay Out 7.8 Billion

Were you affected by the oil spill? Did you make less money at work because tourists stayed away from the Gulf Coast?  Were you unable to fish or hunt to feed your family because of the oil? Did your coastal property lose value? We’re here to make sure you get what you deserve. Almost 3 years after one of the worst ecological disasters in history, British Petroleum has reached an agreement to pay out $7.8 billion to the thousands of people affected by the disaster. 

Car Accidents

Are you the victim of a car accident? If so, contact us immediately. We will make sure that you understand all of your settlement options and help you make the best choice. Don’t get caught in a battle with your insurance company over how much money you deserve. Many insurance companies aim to keep their cost down when compensating their clients after car accidents, but we won’t let them short change you. We will deal with the insurance companies and the other drivers to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.